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Health, Luck, and Justice
Shlomi Segall

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"Segall raises the standard for the burgeoning philosophical discussions on health and social justice and gives us much novel material for further consideration. Graduate students and academics interested in political philosophy and health ethics will find this book interesting and a rich resource. It is clearly written, rigorously argued, and thoroughly engaged with relevant literature."--Sridhar Venkatapuram, Sociology of Health & Illness

"Whether the ethical solution is (or can be) implemented on the national or transnational, or state or local levels, remains to be seen, but this book is an interesting first step."--Elizabeth Ann Danto, European Legacy

"His view that luck egalitarians should be concerned only with inequalities is at least plausible. Like many other arguments in this significant contribution to the egalitarian literature, it is certain to spark considerable debate."--Kristi A. Olson, Perspectives on Politics


"As the first serious attempt to apply the luck egalitarian approach to health and justice, this book will be widely read. It is lucid, well argued, rigorous, and analytic."--Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD, PhD

"In this very welcome book, Shlomi Segall makes a notable contribution to the very small number of serious attempts to provide a basis within a theory of justice for claims on social resources for health. Theoretically sophisticated and morally serious, Segall's book maintains a high scholarly standard. Health, Luck, and Justice should be read by philosophers, bioethicists, economists, and other social scientists concerned with the ethics of health policy."--Daniel Wikler, Harvard University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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