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Medieval Christianity in Practice
Edited by Miri Rubin

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"This unique book re-creates the practical and imaginative experiences of medieval parishioners, from cradle to grave. This is of compelling interest to historians, religious specialists, and students of literature, for we see here multifarious attempts to reach ordinary people through their own language. We also see the church at work all across Europe, celebrating its saints, discouraging dissidence, and providing for those who would live perfectly. Highly recommended."--David Wallace, University of Pennsylvania

"This book offers a unique presentation of the actual practices of medieval Christianity. It will greatly interest medieval religion scholars and serve as a marvelous supplement for courses on the Middle Ages or medieval religion. General readers will find the documents and scholarly discussions fascinating glimpses into the everyday workings of the period."--Steven Fanning, University of Illinois, Chicago

"The variety of informative texts and the expertise of the people commenting on them give this stimulating anthology great authority. There is no rival collection that gathers so many experts on medieval religion in one place."--John Shinners, Saint Mary's College

"The organization of this collection and the underlying approach are innovative and judicious. This book provides an insightful and interconnected vision of medieval religious practices."--Teofilo F. Ruiz, University of California, Los Angeles

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File created: 4/21/2017

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