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Were the Jews a Mediterranean Society?
Reciprocity and Solidarity in Ancient Judaism
Seth Schwartz

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"[T]his is a book from which a reader could learn a great deal about Ben Sira, Josephus, the rabbis, and methods for approaching the study of Jews in the Roman world. Due to the technical nature of some of its arguments, it is most likely to be of use to PhD students and scholars, though its prose is readable enough that it might be used with master's-level students and perhaps even advanced undergraduates."--Eric C. Stewart, Journal of the American Academy of Religion

"Schwartz has presented a masterful study on the integration of the Jews in Greek and Roman culture. Although it is aimed primarily at specialists, advanced students will also learn from his well articulated methodology and his careful reading of select texts. . . . Schwartz has . . . provided an important contribution to, and essential reading for, understanding Jewish integration in the Greco-Roman period."--Ronald A. Simkins, Biblical Theology Bulletin

"Schwartz's book is essential reading for specialists in Ben Sira, Josephus and rabbinic values, and useful reading for everyone interested in social-scientific approaches to antiquity. In a country like Finland, where the studies of Judaism and of classical antiquity have been largely separated, approaches like Schwartz's are much needed."--Lotta Valve, ARCTOS

"[An] engaging study."--Eric C. Stewart, Journal of the American Academy of Religion


"There are very few books that combine grand ambition with careful and skeptical scholarship as successfully as this wonderfully provocative book. Seth Schwartz takes on the very biggest question of Second Temple Judaism: how different were the Jews from the Greco-Roman society in which they lived? And he does so with sharp sophistication and profound learning."--Simon Goldhill, University of Cambridge

"An important consideration of some vital questions in the study of Judaism in the Hellenistic period and late antiquity by one of its most original, well-informed, and intellectually rigorous historians. This book offers a new perspective on this formative period in Jewish history and will be much discussed."--Michael D. Swartz, Ohio State University

"An original, interesting, and important book. Schwartz advances his arguments with much learning and methodological sophistication. I have no doubt whatever that this book will attract much notice."--Martin Goodman, University of Oxford

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File created: 8/9/2017

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