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The Religious Left and Church-State Relations
Steven H. Shiffrin

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"This is an extraordinarily well-written, original, and persuasive book that offers an eloquent plea for recognition of the multiple values of the religion clauses, emphasizes the civil values of public schools, and shows how religious perspectives can yield compelling reasons to separate church and state. It will greatly enrich the understanding of anyone who cares about religious liberty."--Kent Greenawalt, Columbia University Law School

"Building on the recent invigoration of progressive religion, Shiffrin's crisp and tightly-argued call for a renewed liberal support for religious freedom in law and politics is a welcome addition to the growing scholarship on the progressive resurgence."--Sarah Barringer Gordon, University of Pennsylvania

"This well-researched and thoroughly documented book is insightful throughout. Its main argument concerning the religious left is important, provocative, imaginative, and cogently argued. Shiffrin engages and confronts competing views, not only of the Supreme Court but of prominent scholars, and he includes revealing comparative insights between the experiences of the United States and Europe."--Daniel O. Conkle, Indiana University Maurer School of Law

"Passionate, deeply learned, and timely, this book proves that something integral to American democracy is lost if we overlook the complexity, ambiguity, and in-between positions too often forsaken in declamatory public debates about political religions. It is an unquestionable contribution to long-standing conversations about religious jurisprudence, constitutional debates, religion and politics, and American democracy."--Jason C. Bivins, North Carolina State University

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File created: 4/17/2014

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