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How to Find a Habitable Planet
James Kasting

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"Written in a clear and often conversational style--and infused throughout with Kasting's personal optimism regarding the existence of, and our ability to detect, habitable and inhabited worlds beyond our own--this is an informative and worthwhile read for anyone who looks to the stars and wonders if there is anybody out there."--Tori M. Hoehler, Nature Geoscience

"As Kasting shows in his technical but readable How to Find a Habitable Planet, we are making rapid progress in discovering planets around distant stars--almost 500 so far."--Clive Cookson, Financial Times

"Kasting's book . . . is a readable guide to the many things we have just begun to understand about a solar system."--Tim Radford, The Guardian

"A concise yet thorough scientific explanation of how we can narrow down the search [for habitable planets]. . . . Kasting is a world leader in planetary habitability and works closely with NASA. He gives insight into the latest technology being used to hunt for habitable plants, describes the signatures of life that scientists are looking for and makes his predictions for the future of the field. . . . Thorough and interesting."--Cosmos Magazine

"An excellent book on a fascinating topic."--Choice

"Even if you were not interested in finding intelligence elsewhere in the universe, How to Find a Habitable Planet provides an excellent and accessible account of the formation and history of our own planet, and indeed our solar system."--John Gribbin, Literary Review

"In How to Find a Habitable Planet, James Kasting begins by describing various factors that geophysicists, astrobiologists and others have deemed necessary (or at least desirable) for producing planets capable of supporting life. . . . How to Find a Habitable Planet offers an eloquent explanation of why such a mission would still be desirable."--Physics World

"[Kasting is] an excellent writer, capable of breaking down complex topics into clear and accessible pieces. That skill makes this first-of-its-kind book not just unique but probably indispensible for students and armchair planetologists."--Charlene Brusso, Ad Astra


"A fascinating read--everything you need to know about habitable worlds."--Sara Seager, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"I very much enjoyed reading this book. Kasting writes clearly and explains the issues in an easy-to-follow manner. I learned several new things from this book. I will certainly recommend it to colleagues and students."--Christopher McKay, NASA Ames Research Center

"We now know quite a bit about planets, and a lot of this knowledge has arrived relatively recently. This book is right up to date. Kasting was directly involved in work that defined the overall technological and scientific goals for upcoming NASA missions to detect potentially habitable worlds beyond our solar system. How to Find a Habitable Planet is a significant contribution to the field."--Gregory Laughlin, University of California, Santa Cruz

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File created: 4/21/2017

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