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What's Eating You?
People and Parasites
Eugene H. Kaplan

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"Over many years of teaching parasitology, Eugene Kaplan found a way to keep students awake: lurid stories. Now the retired biology professor and researcher from Hofstra University on Long Island, New York, has a new book, What's Eating You?, that tucks in the science about both rare and common parasites along with the tales."--Nancy White, Toronto Star

"Kaplan's gory stories, fun though they are, are simply gateways into a fascinating aspect of biology: symbiosis. . . . Kaplan dazzles with a wealth of knowledge about worms, live, and bed bugs. His colourful descriptions of their biology and life cycle are bolstered by evolutionary explanations. . . . Kaplan is a good writer, but it is his brilliantly uninhibited sense of humour that really makes the prose zing with life."--Priya Shetty, The Lancet

"Not for the queasy or faint of heart. But if you're the least bit curious about the creatures that can inhabit humans, I promise you'll be fascinated."--Scott Shalaway, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Take a rousing romp through the zoo of beasties that make a living invading our bodies. Kaplan, a professor of parasitology and himself a victim of amebic dysentery and 8-inch roundworms, gives a raucous crash course that blends surprising biology with macabre stories."--Discover Magazine

"[A] real cracker of a page-turner. . . . [O]ne of the books of the season that will appeal to professionals or anyone who's ever doubted whether it's a good idea to wash your hands or cook food properly."--Paul O'Doherty, Life Science Review

"The greatest strength of this book lies in its personal touch. . . . Through all manner of disgusting and even frightening details, Kaplan makes attractive and easy to follow what is usually soporific in other books."--Frédéric Thomas,PLOS Biology

"What we don't know hurts us most, and thus Dr. Eugene Kaplan's well-illustrated mini-encyclopedia of parasites, their modes of entry into our bodies, and the damage they do is a must-read for all adventurous and scientifically curious travelers. . . . What's Eating You is totally readable and rich in historical asides and social notes."--Foreword Magazine

"People who enjoy travel adventures in near and far exotic places may want to read this clearly written, beautifully illustrated book about parasites. . . . Kaplan describes the bizarre, frightening, and even disgusting ways of parasites in entertaining language. For each story, he explains the biology of the interwoven lives of host and parasite along with the social consequences resulting from parasitic diseases."--Choice

"Although this book serves up what can basically be described as 'Parasitology 101' for the masses, it is quite a feast with an incredible variety on the menu! It's 'full' (30 chapters) of parasites, from microscopic protistans to 12-m-long tapeworms. You're going to want to wash your hands before you eat (although you should already) and really do your homework before schlepping off overseas to try the local fare."--Charles K. Blend, Journal of Parasitology


"Kaplan stimulates readers to further explore these exciting organisms. He does this by weaving personal stories of people and parasites with information about the organisms. His storytelling approach entices nonscientists to venture into the world of parasites and appreciate their importance. The author's sense of humor comes through on virtually every page."--Lillian F. Mayberry, University of Texas, El Paso

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File created: 4/21/2017

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