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Seeds of Amazonian Plants
Fernando Cornejo & John Janovec

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"The field guide Seeds of Amazonian Plants is a breakthrough for anybody who needs to identify to genus level the seeds of hundreds of common plants in the Amazon region. It will be of enormous use for many people working on conservation, natural regeneration, seed dispersal or propagation of native species, such as botanists, ecologists, zoologists and foresters. There is no other book available with this purpose, and the stunning full-colour photographs will be appreciated by any nature enthusiast."--Isolde D. K. Ferraz, Annals of Botany

"[A] remarkable effort--with 750 photos of 544 genera and 131 families, it is going to save an awful lot of zoologists (including primatologists) an awful lot of plant-related heartache and uncertainly. Botanists too will almost certainly breathe a sigh of relief that their animal-oriented colleagues might now leave them alone a bit more and stop asking for help with identifications."--Adrian Barnett, Primate Eye

"Cornejo and Janovec present with their field guide, Seeds of Amazonian Plants, a unique, easy to use, and exceptionally well-illustrated key for the identification of Amazonian seeds to genus level. Even if it can only present a fraction of Amazonian plant diversity, this book greatly enhances the efficacy and efficiency of research on seed dispersal in the Amazon Basin, helps to improve our understanding of this highly complex ecosystem, and may hopefully lead to implications for its conservation."--Simon P. Ripperger, Ecotropica

"A stunning work, this is a must have for anyone interested in the Amazon from botanist and ecologist to zoologists working on seeds in dung. As eminent tropical ecologist John Terborgh indicated in the foreword--this book 'opens a window onto a new . . . realm of forest biology.'"--Sue McBean, Biologist


"I believe this guide to be a major contribution to the field of tropical botany. Until now, no such book existed, and the topic is of clear interest and importance to botanists, ecologists, and conservation biologists. This book, with its excellent images of seeds, should be of great use. There are no competitors."--John Kricher, author of A Neotropical Companion

"This is a monumental work. I think of all the seeds I've found on the forest floor that I will be able to learn easily now by leafing through this book."--Rick Condit, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

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File created: 4/21/2017

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