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A Dictionary of 20th-Century Communism
Edited by Silvio Pons & Robert Service

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Introduction [in PDF format] | List of Contributors [PDF only] | List of Entries [PDF only] | Communist Part in China [PDF only] | Containment [PDF only] | Fellow Travelers [PDF only] | Ho Chi Minh [PDF only] | Katyn Massacre [PDF only] | Soviet Bloc [PDF only]


"The new English translation of this work provides readers with a valuable overview of the world communist movement, in 400-plus entries, including not only the history of the Soviet Union, the People's Republic of China and other communist states, but also of the various communist parties in Europe, the U.S., and the rest of the world. The volume's strengths lie in its strong coverage of European communism and its willingness to discuss the theoretical and philosophical ideas of its subjects."--Choice

"This indispensable reference explains what communism was, the forms it took, and the enormous role it played in world history."--Blackwells Recommends

"For socialists, this base of knowledge of the historical legacy of the most important revolutionary event in the 20th century, the Russian Revolution of 1917, is indispensable."--Lawrence Rockwood, The Socialist WebZine

"[A] Dictionary of 20th-Century Communism is rather different. Its entries are mostly very thorough and informative, and if one or two are written in a language that reflects the jargon of its subject, that is a small price to pay for an approach usefully empathetic to its unempathetic protagonists."--Mark Mazower, National Interest

"[T]he encyclopedia as a whole is a substantial and valuable project. The individual entries are almost all of high quality. The sustained effort at treating communism as a global movement means that Russian specialists will learn a great deal about less familiar places."--David R. Stone, Russian Review

"[T]he high quality of the prose, the distinguished community of authors, and the imaginative variety of topics covered will make this a worthwhile reference."--Padraic Kenney, H-Net Reviews

"This is a huge and useful enterprise. . . . Most of the leading figures of the history of communism, the communist parties, important institutions, ideological concepts, and political events are included in a well selected and concise form. This timely and important dictionary offers a broad historical and historiographical overview of twentieth century world communism. This is a significant step toward achieving the difficult task of encompassing communism as a historical phenomenon in its complexity."--IvanT. Berend, European Legacy

"A Dictionary of 20th-Century Communism promises to be immensely helpful to both teachers and students of world history. . . . [A] very powerful contribution to the relationship between aesthetics, culture, and fascism."--Robert W. Strayer, Journal of World History

"[A] monumental, engrossing, truly comprehensive encyclopaedia of world communism."--Vladimir Tismaneanu, International Affairs


"This important work helps bridge the gap between specialists' knowledge about communism and the general public's understanding--a gap that has only widened since the revolutions of 1989-1991. The dictionary's entries are informative and reasonable, everything one wants in a work such as this."--Eric D. Weitz, University of Minnesota

"A valuable and comprehensive research asset that provides a useful place for students to start their investigations. Among the articles are some masterful reviews by major scholars."--Ronald Grigor Suny, University of Michigan

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File created: 4/21/2017

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