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Surviving Death
Mark Johnston

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"[Surviving Death and Saving God] constitute a remarkably thorough and convincing treatment of two extremely important religious issues, those of the perennial allurements of idolatry and the deeply menacing fact of death, to say nothing of the books' endorsement and defense of an arduous but richly inspiring ideal of the religious life. The books are a welcome corrective for some of the most seductive and prevalent distortions of religious thought and practice. I heartily recommend them to the reader who relishes a bountifully laid, religiously nourishing, and deeply satisfying philosophical feast."--Donald A. Crosby, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion


"This outstanding book presents original and indeed brave views on a broad range of issues that are of compelling significance not only to philosophers but also to thinking people more generally. The argument proceeds with great subtlety and sophistication and shows a masterful grasp of philosophy, religion, and the arts. The book is also superbly written--pellucid, stylish, engaging, and at points richly humorous. A tour de force."--Michael Forster, University of Chicago

"This is a major and highly original work of philosophy that culminates in a fascinating argument that, without making any supernatural assumptions, one can literally survive bodily death. The book is elegantly written and the promise of a breathtaking conclusion pulls the reader along."--Alex Byrne, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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File created: 11/1/2016

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