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Titan Unveiled:
Saturn's Mysterious Moon Explored
Ralph Lorenz & Jacqueline Mitton
With a new afterword by the authors

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"Titan's allure seems only to increase the more scientists learn about it...Obscured by haze, the landscape has been exposed by radar, special optical cameras, and the Huygens lander. The authors cover in detail the information gathered by these and other instruments, which impart a practical sense of how scientists work from raw data toward finished interpretations...Including amazing photographs of Titan's evident geological dynamism, Lorenz and Mitton's work has a high 'wow' factor that will thrill buffs and may spur students toward a planetary science career."--Gilbert Taylor, Booklist

"Lorenz, the author of this popular account of Titan, is intimately involved in the Cassini-Huygens mission as a planetary scientist, and he contributes personal anecdotes as well as a thorough treatment of the science and technology of missions to Saturn and its moons."--M. Dickinson, Choice

"Lorenz provides an intimate account of this unique adventure. . . . Anyone with an interest in science, astronomy, planetary science and exploration, engineering or the evolution of our own planet will find this book captivating and uplifting."--Agustin Chicarro, Physics World

"This fantastic book shines a light on the truth of the matter: that science is about a sense of wonder, awe, the joy of finding stuff."--Nature Geoscience

"[W]hile expert readers in the science and engineering community will find much of interest here, it is the book's less technical target audience that will benefit the most. Apart from unveiling the mysteries of an alien world, it opens a window on the mostly hidden world of the planetary scientist, which is equally fascinating."--Mark Williamson, Space Times

"Illustrated with many stunning images, Titan Unveiled is essential reading for anyone interested in space exploration, planetary science, or astronomy."--Lunar and Planetary Information Bulletin

"A fascinating read."--David Tytell, Sky & Telescope

"Titan Unveiled is a great read. It also may well prepare the reader for more adventures to Titan in the future."--Coalition for Space Exploration

"Titan Unveiled unveils not only this remarkable moon but also the way that science is done, at least with large scale planetary science. High-school and college students would benefit from following the twists and turns, and the evolving thought, of the scientists involved. And the general reader will enjoy seeing scientific progress revealed as well as the coverage of excellent and interesting results."--Jay Pasachoff, Key Reporter

"Lorenz was one of the researchers on the Cassini-Huygens mission which first successfully explored beyond the hazy atmosphere (and arguably, most intriguing) moon. In Titan Unveiled, he, with Mitton, an astronomer and writer, provides an insider's perspective of this first encounter with an alien landscape. . . . Recommended to lovers of cosmology and planetary science, both professional and amateur."--Cosmos

"[T]he delight of reading about a mission that has boldly gone where no man has gone . . . yet make[s] Titan Unveiled and enticing read."--Ray Bert, Civil Engineering


"A great book for anyone wanting to know what it's like to be on the front lines of a mission to perhaps the most fascinating planetary body in the solar system. Lorenz and Mitton bring home the fact that planetary exploration is not a faceless enterprise done by anonymous men in white coats, but a personal adventure carried along by real people with real charisma, real quirks, and real lives."--Mike Brown, California Institute of Technology

"This book could hardly be more timely. Titan is inarguably one of the most intriguing objects in the solar system, and the wealth of new information revealed by the successful Cassini-Huygens mission is revolutionizing our knowledge of this mysterious moon. Lorenz and Mitton are well qualified for the project, and have written a very compelling book."--Edwin L. Turner, Princeton University

"This is the first trade book that looks at the mission results in a comprehensive way. It gives a summary of our knowledge of Titan prior to the probe, describes the history of the probe project, and discusses the results from the mission. I am not aware of any books like this one."--Christopher P. McKay, NASA Ames Research Center

"Titan Unveiled is an authentic and lively insider's account of one of the grand enterprises in modern space exploration. The authors present a compelling human story of interplanetary exploration, rich in detail and strong on science. Readers get an authoritative description of many of the latest results from Cassini."--Richard G. French, Wellesley College and Cassini Radio Science Team

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File created: 4/21/2017

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