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Diaspora, Development, and Democracy:
The Domestic Impact of International Migration from India
Devesh Kapur

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"This book has four achievements. It is the best account to date of one of the major phenomenon of our time: the creation of a powerful Indian diaspora and its impact on India. It sets new benchmarks in innovative ways of collecting data and introducing empirical rigor to discussions of the subject. It makes a deeply interesting theoretical argument about how exit options may help mitigate conflict. And finally, it shows how often, development is the product of many unintended actions. It combines a novel historical imagination with good social science."--Pratap Bhanu Mehta, president, Center for Policy Research Delhi

"Truly original, this book opens up an entirely new area of study. By looking at how the movement of people across the world influences the countries of their origin and then carefully tracing these causal connections with reference to India, Kapur is setting an agenda that others will follow."--Atul Kohli, Princeton University

"This is a landmark in migration studies, and in the study of the Indian diaspora and its effects on both host countries and India. The book revolutionizes our understanding of the Indian diaspora, and the political, economic, and social effects of contemporary migrant communities in general."--Steven Wilkinson, Yale University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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