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Reputation and Power:
Organizational Image and Pharmaceutical Regulation at the FDA
Daniel Carpenter

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"Carpenter's book was ten years in the making and it shows. The research is wide ranging and groundbreaking and the impressive range of materials will certainly help expand the field. . . . Reputation and Power is essential reading for modern historians of medicine. In a renewed climate of interest in regulation, it is a sober addition to the previous polemical debates about the world of pharmaceuticals and their regulation and is sure to generate a broad discussion."--Lucas Richert, Social History of Medicine

"Reputation and Power . . . is a masterful study in the best tradition of political science and will stand as a definitive treatment of regulation, and not merely of the FDA's policies and practices. Along with his earlier work, this book will be an essential part of the emerging study of the American administrative state, whether that study takes place in political science, history, sociology, law, or, indeed, in schools of medicine and pharmacology."--John Ferejohn, Perspectives on Politics


"In this truly splendid, magisterial study, Carpenter thoroughly documents and narrates the FDA's struggle with the certainties of science, the uncertainties of politics, and the requirements of reputation, an asset that simultaneously granted the agency autonomy and then took it away through ever-increasing expectations of performance."--Richard Bensel, Cornell University

"Deeply researched and subtly conceived, Reputation and Power demonstrates how much our modern system of drug regulation and clinical research owes to the scientific creativity and political skills of federal drug regulators over the past sixty years. It will be the standard work on the FDA for decades to come, while providing instructive lessons for how one can think critically about government regulation without recourse to the ideological lenses of the Left or the Right."--Harry M. Marks, history of medicine, Johns Hopkins University

"Reputation and Power is by far the most thorough and penetrating study of the most powerful and important regulatory agency in the world--the U.S. Food and Drug Administration--and one of the best studies of any American regulatory agency. The book is essential reading for anyone seriously interested in American politics, public policy, administrative institutions, or health and medicine. This is an extraordinary work."--Paul Quirk, University of British Columbia

"Carpenter has integrated an understanding of the FDA's legal history and programmatic responsibilities with a perceptive grasp of the personalities who shaped that history. His work surpasses in depth and scope all other accounts of the FDA with which I am familiar. No one in the future will be able to write seriously about the FDA's drug approval system without taking account of Carpenter's work. His curiosity knows no limits."--Richard A. Merrill, professor emeritus, University of Virginia, former FDA general counsel, and coauthor of Food and Drug Law: Cases and Materials

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File created: 4/21/2017

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