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The Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable in Financial Risk Management:
Measurement and Theory Advancing Practice
Edited by Francis X. Diebold, Neil A. Doherty & Richard J. Herring

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"This book brings together a series of important and thought-provoking contributions by a group of highly distinguished academics and notable finance practitioners. The organizational principle of the book--the Known, the unknown, and the Unknowable, or KuU--is as relevant and timely as ever. I highly recommend the book to anybody interested in learning about the latest developments and thinking by some of the leading and most influential minds in the area of modern risk management."--Tim Bollerslev, Duke University

"Diebold, Doherty, and Herring have provided tremendous public service in applying their considerable expertise in risk, insurance, and financial institutions to assemble this fascinating collection of papers on risk management--this book should be required reading for anyone with decision-making authority in the finance and insurance industries, and especially among regulators."--Andrew W. Lo, author of Hedge Funds

"This book tackles the complexities of risk management head-on, directly confronting the full range of issues and challenges that permeate the field. It nicely fills a void by offering up thoughtful and disciplined analysis across highly diverse topics. A truly welcome addition to the burgeoning literature on the theory and practice of risk management."--Torben G. Andersen, Northwestern University

"A very informative, interesting book."--Paul Embrechts, coauthor of Quantitative Risk Management

"Each year when I teach my market risk management class, I have one or two senior risk officers from banks give a talk. At the end of the talk I always ask them: 'So what keeps you awake at night?' The answer is virtually always the same: 'Risks that I do not know about.' This book is therefore extremely important in my view. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it."--Peter Christoffersen, McGill University

"I consider this book one of the best compendiums available today on key risk issues facing the global financial system. These are issues whose resolution will determine the nature of the world financial architecture going forward. They will be actively discussed in the months and years ahead, and this volume represents an invaluable resource in this debate."--Ingo Walter, New York University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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