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Nightjars, Potoos, Frogmouths, Oilbird, and Owlet-nightjars of the World
Nigel Cleere

Book Description


"The best bird book I've seen all year. . . . This book is a comprehensive photographic guide (check out the crazy variations these birds come in), but also gives information about this poorly understood group of birds in an easy to read fashion. . . . This book will appeal to hardcore and intermediate birders alike because this is a fascinating family of birds to study and the photos are incredible."--Sharon Stiteler,

"The avian order Caprimulgiformes includes an interesting collection of nighthawks, nightjars, potoos, frogmouths, and the enigmatic oilbird. Although these birds are familiar summer residents over most of the world, surprisingly little is known about the ecology and reproductive biology of many of them. This book is a step toward solving that problem. It also serves as an identification guide, with individual accounts that include a description, range map, and several pictures for each of the 125 known species of caprimulgids. Although bird guides that use paintings rather than photos are usually preferable, ornithologist Cleere has done a spectacular job of obtaining photographs that are beautiful as well as illustrative."--Choice

"I highly recommend this book for birders at any level who find themselves lured to the obscure members of the order Caprimulgiformes. Even those of casual interest will find fascinating the large, full-color photographs of wide-eyed nightjars and frogmouths or potoos blending in perfectly with a vertical branch."--Eyrie

"This book is a great inspiration and a help in sorting out what's possible in any location. What's known, what's unknown. Makes me want to spend more warm evenings staring at the sky in hopes that another bug-gulping nightjar speeds past, maybe circles once to give me another glimpse, then vanishes off into the dusk, and the mysterious dark that obscures so much about these fellow earthlings."--Towheeblog

"This new book by Nigel Cleere is a must-own reference guide for anyone interested in knowing more about the identification and natural history of the 135 species of nightjars, potoos, frogmouths, oilbird, and owlet-nightjars of the world."--Drew and Alex Lamoreaux, Nemesis Bird

"Finding a book that will improve my knowledge of these enigmatic creatures was . . . wonderful. . . . This is a good, and fun, source book for avid naturalist."--Roy John, Canadian Field Naturalist

"Nightjars, Potoos, Frogmouths, Oilbird and Owlet-Nightjars of the World is spectacular and I strongly recommend it. It's obvious that it will be a must-have for anyone interested in these birds, but it will also be cherished by those interested in birds more generally. It looks incredible and is just an amazing visual reference on a spectacularly odd and curious group of birds."--Darren Naish,'s Tetrapod Zoology blog


"Cleere has synthesized a lot of information about a group of birds that are difficult to identify and study, and presents it in an easy-to-use format. He has done a tremendous job of collecting numerous photos of these enigmatic birds that show many helpful identification characteristics and also their subtle beauty."--Sophie Webb, coauthor of A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America

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File created: 4/21/2017

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