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The Big Ditch:
How America Took, Built, Ran, and Ultimately Gave Away the Panama Canal
Noel Maurer & Carlos Yu

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"Why did the United States build the Panama Canal at tremendous cost in lives and treasure, and then give it away to the Panamanians? What exactly did we do with the Canal when we owned it? Did it make money or was it a boondoggle? Read this fascinating book and learn the answers."--Stephen Haber, Stanford University

"This landmark book offers important new insights that will significantly advance our understanding of the national and global economic consequences of the Panama Canal. It will have a profound and lasting impact on the history of U.S. imperialism in Latin America and represents a contribution to the emergent literature on the new political economy of empire."--Alan Dye, Barnard College, Columbia University

"This dynamic and entertaining book provides the first modern and quantitative interpretation of the economic and political history of the Panama Canal, one of the largest infrastructure works ever connected to the creation of a new country, the prevention of malaria and yellow fever, the reduction of transport prices, the promotion of international trade, and the redistribution of wealth in the United States."--Xavier Duran, London School of Economics and Political Science and Northwestern University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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