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The Novel and the Sea
Margaret Cohen

Book Description
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"Maritime historians often find entertainment by reading maritime novels. . . . Margaret Cohen's book promises to add welcome background and perhaps new direction to a pleasurable pursuit."--Louis Arthur Norton, Northern Mariner

"In The Novel and the Sea Margaret Cohen makes a compelling case for the sea novel that celebrates the thrill of adventure neglected by the 'land' novel. Maritime fiction specialists will be drawn to the book's detail, but the assessment of 'the novel' from the stimulating new perspective of the sea also appeals to a more general readership. . . . This is an invigorating assessment of representations of sailing and the sea, which occupies a carefully plotted position within this increasingly popular area of research."--Alexandra Phillips, Project Muse


"This splendid book is the first to uncover a poetics of maritime fiction. As Cohen reveals, this poetics of craft has often been ignored or misinterpreted rather than seen for what it actually is: a georgic of the sea and a labor that must be cleverly understood before it can be properly accomplished. This book makes its subtle claims in language so lucid it will please professional readers as well as the audience simply interested in novels of the sea."--Jonathan Lamb, Vanderbilt University

"With a wonderfully attentive eye to the craft of writing and sailing, Margaret Cohen lays out a bold new literary theory of practice and experience based in the world of work and things. Meticulous and enthralling, she tells us why we must go down to the sea again and again, and never tire of learning from it."--Michael Taussig, Columbia University

"You'll come away from this book with a strong sense of the cultural relevance and resonance of seafaring not only at the origins of the novel, but up through even some of its recent, persistently popular cultural incarnations. The book is beautifully written, clear, and deftly argued."--Jody Greene, University of California, Santa Cruz

"This book is bracing and exciting, an adventure in its own right. It skillfully makes its compelling case about the role played by maritime craft in the history of the adventure novel, and about the role played by adventure in the literary realm more generally. It will provoke thought, argument, and revision of some long-held truisms, especially about the importance of the novel of manners, and of psychological realism in prose forms of the modern West."--John Plotz, Brandeis University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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