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Mafias on the Move:
How Organized Crime Conquers New Territories
Federico Varese

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"Varese has successfully blended a diversity of sources, including archival and government documents from several countries, interviews, journalism, and personal accounts, to establish a convincing and rich set of case studies examining both successful and failed mafia transplantations."--Public Choice

"Varese's work should be of [broad] interest to anyone working in political economy. . . . Through colorful and exciting case studies, this book contributes to the study of political economy by explaining the nature and mobility of mafia groups, identifying the importance of informal institutions, and showing how globalization can limit organized crime."--David Skarbek, Public Choice

"[C]ompelling narrative. . . . Well written and researched."--Economic Times

"Mafias on the Move will undoubtedly confirm Federico Varese's stature as one of the most astute and insightful contemporary participants in the ongoing conversation about the fate of transnational criminal groups in the globalization era."--Venelin I. Ganev, European Journal of Sociology

"[I]ntellectually absorbing and beautifully written. . . . This excellent book well merits the high praise from John le Carré, Timothy Frye, and Susan Rose-Ackermann that appears on its cover."--Michael Levi, American Journal of Sociology

"[T]his book is intriguing. . . . As with any quality research, Varese's work creates more questions than answers."--Lee Brown, International Social Science Review

"[A]ll will certainly appreciate the thought-provoking analysis and the agreeable prose."--Vincenzo Ruggiero, British Journal of Criminology


"Federico Varese is two writers rolled into one: a fearless fact-hunter who goes after his quarry with the zeal of a thoroughbred journalist, and a dedicated academic who examines and analyzes his catch with relentless detachment. Throw in a robust understanding of the impact of contemporary history on the behavior of a globalized criminal underworld and you have both a compelling read and an impeccable work of reference."--John le Carré

"This is a really terrific book--creative, nuanced, well researched, and accessible. Its great value is its focus on failed attempts at mafia transplantation. This is important because it allows Varese to counter some of the more hysterical claims about mafia penetration of foreign markets put forward by attention-seeking academics, journalists, and think tanks."--Timothy Frye, Columbia University

"This fascinating and excellent book is a worthy successor to Diego Gambetta's work on the Sicilian mafia and Varese's own book on the Russian mafia. Varese is a leader of the younger generation of scholars taking on the important issues in the difficult study of organized crime."--Susan Rose-Ackerman, Yale University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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