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The Clash of Ideas in World Politics:
Transnational Networks, States, and Regime Change, 1510-2010
John M. Owen IV

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"John Owen has produced another important book, this one about using force to change regimes in other countries. On a topic soaked with harsh rhetoric and strong emotions, Owen offers historical perspective and serious analysis. His data is striking. It shows that forcible regime changes come in waves, clustered in certain periods, followed by long lulls. Owen helps us understand the logic of this pattern, especially the complex motives of great powers that intervene to change how others are governed."--Charles Lipson, University of Chicago

"This is an ambitious, well-conceived, and important book that takes on an extremely large topic across history and across theoretical perspectives. It places the current 'war of ideas' between Islam and the West within a wider context of the recurrence of such ideological clashes in world politics. One of Owen's crucial insights is that these conflicts are closer to the norm than the exception."--Marc Lynch, author of Voices of the New Arab Public

"This book answers an extremely timely question: why do states use military force to change the governing regimes of other states? Analyzing five centuries of international history, Owen explains how ideological divisions shape cooperation and conflict in world politics. This important, accessible, and convincing work contains crucial insights for academics and policy analysts--whether they seek to understand the past, make sense of the present, or shape the future."--Daniel H. Nexon, author of The Struggle for Power in Early Modern Europe

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File created: 4/21/2017

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