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The Imperative of Integration
Elizabeth Anderson

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"In The Imperative of Integration, Elizabeth Anderson expertly blends social science research, moral philosophy, and political theory to make a lucid, compelling, and impassioned case for the desegregation of American society. Decades after the passage of landmark civil rights legislation, American neighborhoods and schools remain highly segregated by race. This clear moral statement of the urgent need for integration is long overdue and should be read carefully by all Americans."--Douglas S. Massey, coauthor of American Apartheid: Segregation and the Making of the Underclass

"The Imperative of Integration is an unusually rich, multidimensional, and multileveled book that raises the bar dramatically for any future work on racial justice. Scholars in a wide range of fields will profit from this book's lucid narrative and argument, as well as its impressive interdisciplinary scope."--Charles W. Mills, Northwestern University

"There is no other comprehensive defense of racial integration remotely like this one in terms of scope, erudition, clarity, and moral sophistication. The discussions of discrimination, stereotyping, and stigma are the best I have seen anywhere, and the book pulls data from an amazing range of social science disciplines--political science, sociology, social psychology, and economics. This book is truly exceptional."--Lawrence Blum, University of Massachusetts, Boston

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File created: 4/21/2017

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