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The Propriety of Liberty:
Persons, Passions, and Judgement in Modern Political Thought
Duncan Kelly

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"Duncan Kelly, an established interpreter of German social thought, here deploys the tools of intellectual history and political theory to reconstruct a vibrant Anglo-French tradition of thinking about situated freedom and responsibility. We can escape sterile categories of liberal and republican, ancient and modern, and negative and positive liberty, Kelly shows, by resuscitating a discourse concerned with responsible agency: the exercise of rational freedom, motivated by the passions, and bounded by historically constituted and shared understandings of justice. The Propriety Of Liberty combines meticulous historical scholarship with ambitious arguments demonstrating the continued salience of these complex and often misunderstood ideas."--James T. Kloppenberg, author of The Virtues Of Liberalism

"The Propriety of Liberty is an erudite and original study of an immensely important yet neglected aspect of the history of liberty in early modern and modern political thought: the relationships among liberty, character formation, and propriety. I recommend it to anyone interested in the history of these interconnected concepts."--James Tully, University of Victoria

"This deep, rich, and original book carves out a distinctive approach to freedom which will reshape the current contours of inquiry. In addition, it offers fresh and subtle interpretations of selfhood and self-ownership, and of the relationships between passions, persons, publicity, and judgement."--Hannah Dawson, University of Edinburgh

"This is an excellent book. Broad in scope and admirably steeped in the literatures it treats, Kelly's recovery of a tradition of theorizing about liberty as propriety will be of interest to a wide range of political theorists, historians of ideas, and philosophers engaged in questions of freedom and agency."--Ryan Patrick Hanley, Marquette University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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