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The Blind Spot:
Science and the Crisis of Uncertainty
William Byers

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"A passionate, informed manifesto that takes aim at our culture's reigning myth of scientific certainty. Byers would like to debunk that myth, and put in its place a science of wonder that freely acknowledges its 'blind spot'--a metaphor for all that remains inherently and irreducibly unknowable, ambiguous, and mysterious. . . . The Blind Spot is an important book for our time, part of a necessary and pressing debate about how to think, and live, within limits both certain and otherwise."--Alex Good, Quill & Quire

"[The Blind Spot] is an enjoyable read and makes several interesting points."--Choice

"Byers' breadth of learning is impressive, appealing to chaos theory, quantum mechanics, philosophy and beyond in making his case."--Paul Taylor, Mathematics Today

"Byers skillfully evokes questions about science and causes readers to reflect on the implications of the blind spots in mathematics and sciences by drawing on notable works across multiple academic fields. I highly recommend this book for anyone in higher education with an appreciation for the philosophy of mathematics and the sciences."--Ruthmae Sears, Mathematics Teacher


"Byers has taken on a tremendously challenging task, one so daunting that it is hardly conceivable that it could be accomplished. The Blind Spot represents a serious advance, which in itself is very important and impressive."--Reuben Hersh, National Book Award-winning coauthor of The Mathematical Experience

"The myth of absolute predictability has polluted our society and led to a lack of flexibility and imagination. Byers takes on the difficult challenge of formulating a better worldview, in effect a new kind of philosophy of science and mathematics that emphasizes creativity and wonder. He sees more deeply than others into the profoundly and richly ambiguous nature of mathematical and scientific concepts."--Gregory J. Chaitin, author of Thinking about Gödel and Turing

"This is an extremely ambitious book. In addition to science and mathematics, Byers brings to bear insights from literature, philosophy, religion, history, anthropology, medicine, and psychology. The Blind Spot breaks new ground, and represents a major step forward in the philosophy of science. The book is also a page-turner, which is rare for this topic."--Joseph Auslander, professor emeritus, University of Maryland

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File created: 4/24/2017

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