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The Atlas of Birds:
Diversity, Behavior, and Conservation
Mike Unwin

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"Anyone interested in birds, conservation or wildlife in general will be very happy to have The Atlas of Birds in their bookcase or on the coffee table. . . . It's a no-brainer holiday gift for the birder in your life."--Greg Neise, North American Birding

"This book is a winner for any birdwatching enthusiast."--A Charm of Finches

"The Atlas of Birds: Diversity, Behavior, and Conservation is an attractive and useful reference that can provide birders a succinct view of how birds are faring around the globe."--John Beetham, The DC Birding Blog

"[The Atlas of Birds] is a rich overview of birdlife worldwide, an authoritative text enhanced by hundreds of excellent color photographs and scores of informative, attractive maps as well as sidebars and tables that synthesize a great deal of data in a small space. . . . At first glance this inviting book, a visual smorgasbord, might be mistaken as a superficial coffee-table item, but its vast coverage and succinct, accurate summarizations of important data make it an indispensable reference."--Library Journal

"The Atlas is a handsomely packaged compendium of information about birds, from their prehistoric origins to their mixed prospects in the modern world. Unwin, a British writer, has done an impressive job of pulling together a great deal of information from disparate sources and structuring it in an accessible way. Novice birders will find it a useful introduction to birdlife; the more experienced should learn a thing or two as well."--Joe Eaton, Berkeley Daily Planet

"A nice synthesis of birdlife. [Unwin] draws examples from around the world to illustrate the origins of birds, where birds live, the taxonomy of the 10,000 or so species, how birds live, their interactions with people, threats and the protection of birds. . . . It is a good introduction to birds for any birder and student."--Rob Butler, Vancouver Sun

"An excellent introduction to the diversity and conservation of birds around the world. You'll learn where and how birds live, how they are classified, the threats they face, and how they interact with people. If you enjoy birds, beautiful color photos, and easy-to-understand maps, The Atlas of Birds is for you."--Scott Shalaway, West Virginia Gazette

"Pruning things to brisk information bites accented by excellent artwork, photos, maps, charts, and other visual aids, the author and designers have made this book interesting, compelling, and even fun. . . . It's the bird book of the year in my opinion, an ultimate reference."--Jim Williams, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"A journey through this atlas is a grand tour of the world as lived by birds and observed by humans. . . . This handsome book is well conceived, beautifully produced, and a great value. Birds have long been the 'canaries in the coal mine,' of life on earth and even nonbirders will find important environmental information here. Highly recommended."--Linda Scarth, Booklist

"In 144 concise, colorful pages, British birder Mike Unwin covers the world of birds: where and how they live, how they're distributed around the globe, and the threats they face. Plus, he profiles efforts to help birds, including work to restore Great Bustards in England and Marbled Teal in Iraq. His bottom line? Conservation works."--Matt Mendenhall, BirdWatching Magazine

"People will pick this book up and start paging through it, stimulating conversations--important conversations about the future of birds and the planet."--Dan Kunkle, Wildlife Activist

"Succeed[s] admirably at offering snapshots of bird biology--where they came from, where and how they live, their myriad connections to humans, the main threats facing them in today's world, and what we are doing about it. What I like best about this book is the collection of interesting and up-to-date facts on birds supported by well-selected photographs and ample numbers of colourful charts, maps and tables. If I were looking to buy one over-all guide to the world of birds for someone with absolutely no bird books in their library, I'd choose this book."--David Bird, Montreal Gazette

"This may be the ultimate educational coffee table book. Or, it could be a gift to a youngster, providing a nice overview of the world of birds. You can pick it up, turn anywhere, and find something new and well presented. Photographic illustrations are striking, and the divisions are helpful: evolution, birds by order, distribution, migrations, characteristics, and threats to birds along with movements and organizations to help them."--Dave Sutton, San Francisco Book Review

"A richly illustrated detailed global survey of Aves. . . . An excellent evolutionary, behavioral, and conservation related companion to the other titles in your bird library."--Greg Laden's Science Blog

"The Atlas of Birds: Diversity, Behavior, and Conservation by Mike Unwin is a collection of data about birds and their environments presented through words, graphics, and photographs. It is a fascinating book that teaches while it entertains, that offers research-informed arguments for bird protection and conservation in the guise of vibrant design. It would be a great gift for the novice birder, the experienced naturalist, or a fun read if you want to treat yourself."--Donna Schulman, 10,000 Birds

"This is an attractive little book. . . . This is a book for general readers who enjoy studying birds."--Choice

"An attractive, generously illustrated and colourful introduction to bird biology and conservation worldwide."--Ian Newton, British Birds

"This is a very attractive book with a great deal of information presented in a readable format that is appropriate for both the educated lay person and the secondary school student. It contains the most up-to-date information available in book form."--Jonathan F. Husband, American Reference Books Annual

"A beautiful representation of birds all over the world and an overview to every aspect about them. The book is both artistically done and informationally enjoyable, making it easy to read, understand, and learn from."--Eddie Callaway,

"This is an attractive and well-illustrated book that presents a wide variety of information about birds. The layout seems designed to be picked up and read a few pages at a time. It is not aimed at professional ornithologists or conservationists, but provides a reasonable overview of important issues for a more general audience."--Stefan Woltmann, Journal of Field Ornithology

"The Atlas of Birds is a worthy addition to the library of everyone interested in birds."--Valerie Cunningham, Cardinal newsletter

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File created: 4/24/2017

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