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Avian Architecture:
How Birds Design, Engineer, and Build
Peter Goodfellow

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"Avian Architecture is a beautiful book with lots of pictures and illustrations of the many styles of nests birds build. In addition, there are interesting insights into birds around the world."--A Charm of Finches

"A well-illustrated introduction into the nest building behavior of birds."--Ian Paulsen, Birdbooker Report

"The illustrations are a rich combination of fine photographs and necessary graphics that can show structural cutaways and design elements no photo can reproduce. From the simple but elegantly hidden scrape nests to the large, unwieldy platform nests of some of our largest birds, this book gives you the how and where of the avian builder's method."--Harry Fuller, A Towheeblog

"A must have book if you have ever wondered how birds are able to build such incredible nests. Peter Goodfellow has created a fascinating read combining "blueprint" drawings, with explanations, of each nest type as well as detailed drawings of the techniques and materials used by some specific species of birds."--Birder's Report

"The drawings and text allow the author to give the reader a firm understanding of how various nests are made. The coverage goes from simple nests to more complex, sometimes communal nests. . . . The book covers so much more: mound incubators that use the heat of composting material, platform nesters, colonial nesters and others. The text is easy to understand and can be shared with children. This book provides a great entry to the wonder of birds."--Herb Wilson, Portland Press Herald

"Goodfellow provides blueprints for each nest type, a list of building materials, and case studies. All are illustrated with photographs and superb artwork, and explained in clear, concise text. Bird nests can be as fascinating as the bird itself. Avian Architecture makes that point clear. . . . I read Avian Architecture cover to cover without putting it down."--Jim Williams, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Birds weave and wind, dig and daub, scrape and sculpt some of the most amazing homes in the animal kingdom. Avian Architecture reveals the genius hard-wired into birds' brains. They are, without regard to the variety of their collective techniques, all master builders. . . . It isn't often that we think of a bird book as a real page turner, but Goodfellow's Avian Architecture is just that."--Brad Sylvester,

"Packed with loads of information and knowledge on bird nests and the process of nest building."--Tim Schreckengost, Words about Birds

"Scarcely a page was turned in Avian Architecture that I did not learn something new and incredible. . . . I've been waiting a long while for a book like Avian Architecture. I was not disappointed. It is nothing short of a revelation to discover not only the variety of structures that birds build, but also (especially) how they are constructed."--Grant McCreary, Birder's Library

"A really fascinating panorama of one of the wonders of avian life--excellent!"--Bo Beolens, FatBirder

"Beautifully illustrated. . . . Avian Architecture is a great book to learn more insight into the world of birds and how they nest."

"I always admired and was amazed by the nests, and I had a cursory understanding of their structure, but it took reading Avian Architecture to really bring the engineering to life and deepen my appreciation of the building process. It's a great book to add to your birding library. I love it. Blue prints, photographs and lovely watercolors help you assimilate a lot of information quickly. It won't take long to help you understand another facet of bird life."--Red and the Peanut blog

"A browsable, amply illustrated overview of avian construction from mere scrapes in the sand to edible structures people prize for soup."--Science News

"This is not a field guide for systematically identifying birds' nests. It's a sit-down-and-be-enchanted-by-the-skills-of-our-feathered-friends kind of book. The British Goodfellow is a longtime birder and former teacher who knows how to convey his deep expertise accessibly to his readers. . . . The book will charm any interested reader and will win birds more devotion with every viewing. Highly recommended."--Library Journal (starred review)

"Exceptional illustrations and photographs help author Peter Goodfellow describe scrapes in the dirt, tunnels, domes, mounds, cups, and other types of nests birds build. The book's jaw-dropping scenes include a hornbill sealed in a nest hole, a colony of densely packed albatrosses, and the many colorful walkways made by bowerbirds."--Matt Mendenhall, BirdWatching Magazine

"Numerous attractive, inviting diagrams, sidebars, paintings, and sketches supplement the photographs. The minimal text is tied to this rich, illustrative material making the book primarily one for browsing."--Choice

"Fascinating, beautifully illustrated."--Gregory McNamee,

"Peter Goodfellow's recent book, Avian Architecture: How Birds Design, Engineer & Build, captures a lifetime of not just observing birds but the unsung structures they create. Bird nests can be simple or elaborate, as small as a hazelnut . . . or enormous, weighing several tons. They can last a few weeks or a century, and can be isolated or one among a half million of similar nests. Divided into 12 chapters based on types of nests and other avian construction, the book revives Goodfellow's 'schoolboy excitement of "bird nesting"' with case studies from around the world accompanied by intricate line drawings and blueprints, as well as hundreds of photos."--Meera Subramanian, Discover magazine

"Avian Architecture offers more than mere knowledge. Through the factual exploration of avian nest building, this book not only informs but also imparts a sense of wonder."--Bloomsbury Review

"Avian Architecture is a hardcover book, hefty in the hands, glorious throughout, and will add immeasurably to your enjoyment of Maine's great outdoors, especially if you are a birder. Even if you are not, a walk around the back yard will be enhanced by what you learn in this book."--George Smith, Down East Magazine

"[T]his is a book that would be appreciated by a large audience of bird aficionados, in a format that is accessible and really enjoyable. The author's interest is contagious and will leave readers inspired to discover and admire bird nests in the wild."--Sabrina S. Taylor, Journal of Field Ornithology

"[F]ew avian titles have left me spellbound and excited to read cover to cover through the night as Avian Architecture. Everything about this book, layout, color photographs, handsome blueprint illustrations, a fascinating subject that deserves this overdue exposure, and succinct text, proves that this book deserves the recent publication awards. . . . Avian Architecture deserves to be placed in the bookcase next to the best of all avian titles. Ornithologists, naturalists, teachers at all levels of education, yes, even the curious public will be thrilled with the contents of this primary reference."--Gene Wilhelm, Pennsylvania Birds

"I think that this is a worthy addition to any ornithologist's bookshelf. The enthusiastic amateur will find a lot of readily accessible information about a range of species building a variety of nests. The professional will probably appreciate the volume at face value because of the nice illustrations and straightforward text."--D. C. Deeming, Quarterly Review of Biology

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File created: 4/24/2017

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