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The Joy of Secularism:
11 Essays for How We Live Now
Edited by George Levine

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"Demonstrating that a world of secular enchantment is a place worth living in, The Joy of Secularism takes a new and liberating look at a valuable and complex subject."--World Book Industry


"This thoughtful and thought-provoking collection avoids complacency and includes many voices, some of them warning against the perils of enchantment, secular or religious. It draws on poetry, philosophy, psychoanalysis, and primate studies to consider again the place of the human and the possibilities of meaning."--Gillian Beer, author of Darwin's Plots

"George Levine has assembled a truly extraordinary array of minds and hearts in this collection. Far from the strident clamors of the Intelligent Designers and the New Atheists, the contributors provide a rich array of approaches to what it means to live--really live--in a secular world. These philosophers, scientists, historians, and writers show us the wonder of the world that persists not despite Darwin, but because of him."--Michael Gordin, Princeton University

"Can a purely secular life be meaningful and fulfilling? Some would say no, and others would give a resounding 'of course!' It may seem surprising that such questions are still under debate, but as this diverse and fascinating collection shows, the issues are very much alive. The variety of views will bring delight, stimulation, and even frustration to readers. This will be an excellent text for students and scholars in many disciplines."--Kevin Padian, president, National Center for Science Education

"This remarkably rich and stimulating book does much to enhance and enrich our understanding of the historical and ethical complexities--and possibilities--posed by Darwinian naturalism. By eschewing dogmatism, condoning passion and emotional engagement, and promoting rigorous intellectual pursuit, this lucid and important collection sets a benchmark for future interdisciplinary work."--David Amigoni, author of Colonies, Cults and Evolution

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File created: 4/24/2017

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