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The Poverty of Clio:
Resurrecting Economic History
Francesco Boldizzoni

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


"With impressive erudition and verve, Boldizzoni laments that much economic history has become a mere handmaiden of neoclassical economics. He seeks to reinvigorate its classic focus on how the economy unfolds in its social and cultural setting. Drawing on sophisticated and subtle European historiography such as the Annales school, he makes a vivid, detailed, and persuasive case. I highly recommend this sweeping and provocative study."--Mark Granovetter, Stanford University

"Boldizzoni has written a powerful polemic that combines an impressive survey of a great deal of recent cliometric economic history writing with an impassioned plea for the revival of the European social-science tradition. The theme, simply stated, is the erroneous and irrelevant character of most economic history writing. It is a book that needed to be written."--Harold James, Princeton University

"I am struck by the immense and impressive range of The Poverty of Clio. Few works in historiography can muster the scope and learning of this book, which will make it attractive not just to economic historians but to sociologists and historians of culture more generally."--Frank Trentmann, author of Free Trade Nation

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File created: 4/18/2014

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