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The New Atlas of World History:
Global Events at a Glance
John Haywood

Book Description
Table of Contents [PDF only] | How to Use this Book [PDF only] | 100,000 to 11,000 Years Ago - Map [PDF only] | 200 BC - Map [PDF only] | 200 BC - Timeline [PDF only] | 1492 - Map [PDF only] | 1492 - Timeline [PDF only] | 1492 - Writing Systems to 1492 [PDF only] | 1942 - Map [PDF only] | 1942 - Timeline [PDF only] | 2010 - Map [PDF only] | 2010 - Timeline [PDF only]


"[A] blast. . . . [H]ere's the history of the world in just over 200 pages, full-color, filled with fascinating stories told in some text, but mainly, through descriptive maps and pictures. It's a thoroughly modern way to tell our story, and, as you might imagine, it has become a favorite. . . . [T]here's really nothing quite like having the whole of it in front of you on a hot Sunday afternoon in the cool shade, preferably with an equally cool drink from some far-off land close at hand."--Howard Blumenthal, Digital Insider

"This is the best work I have come across that not only depicts human history pictorially but also provides a comprehensive view of the evolution of the human species, our geographical spread around the globe, important events in our past and our situation today in terms of balance of power among nations. John Haywood has done a wonderful job with The New Atlas of World History."--Paiso Jamakar, Biz India


"Haywood presents a unique, global portrait of human history over six million years. A combination of brilliant design, clear narrative, and fascinating insights creates a compelling and evenhanded tapestry of the human experience. Everyone interested in our past will find this a compelling atlas for their bookshelves."--Brian Fagan, professor emeritus, University of California, Santa Barbara

"This comprehensive and innovative atlas covers the entire span of human history, paying particular attention to population expansion, cross-cultural contact, and growing economic and social complexity. Its lively text and accessible format show how people have interacted with their environment to create the world we know today."--Peter H. Wilson, author of Europe's Tragedy: A New History of the Thirty Years War

"This is an outstanding volume, which succeeds admirably in avoiding an over-emphasis on the history of Europe and America. This is true world history. The range of this book is remarkable. It illustrates the history of societies from Asia to America and from Africa to Europe with skill and erudition, covering the unexpected as well as providing new insight into more familiar areas."--Michael Prestwich, professor emeritus of medieval history, Durham University

"An astonishing concept, brilliantly carried through, history and geography seamlessly combined."--John Julius Norwich, author of The Middle Sea: A History of the Mediterranean

"History at the world level is both opportunity and challenge. The New Atlas of World History wonderfully shows the possibilities provided by the global account while avoiding the pitfalls of bias. An excellent introduction to global history."--Jeremy Black, University of Exeter

"A model of accuracy, accessibility, and aesthetics, this comprehensive graphic overview of world history is an indispensable foundation for aficionados and scholars alike."--Dennis Showalter, Colorado College

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File created: 4/24/2017

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