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Taming Unruly Computational Problems from Mathematical Physics to Science Fiction
Paul J. Nahin

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"Paul Nahin, a prolific and knowledgeable expository writer, is a professor emeritus of electrical engineering at the University of New Hampshire. What he offers in Number-Crunching might be described as a mix of (1) supplementary readings for courses in mathematics, physics, or electrical engineering, (2) 'challenge problems' intended as a brain-jogging call to prospective professionals, and (3) a garage sale of mathematical miscellania and esoterica."--Philip J. Davis, SIAM News

"[Number-Crunching] is impressive for several reasons. First, Nahin has found the right level--not too easy and not too hard. Second, the problem selections and topics are interesting and in several cases give surprising results. Finally, the book is just plain fun."--Choice

"[A] highly entertaining and rewarding read."--Dean Rickles, Mathematical Reviews

"Unlike writers of popular mathematics books, Nahin is more then happy to spray the pages with equations! Since these are surrounded by lucid and informal explanations, they add significant value to the book. . . . Whether or not you are the computing type, there is a lot to enjoy about this book."--Alan Stevens, Mathematics TODAY

"Many of these challenge problems would make excellent projects--both in mathematics or physics--for undergraduates to explore. Number-Crunching's greatest strength is providing a perspective on how three unique yet vastly intertwined fields interact while keeping readers more and more intrigued as they progress through the text. Readers will find abundant resources to quench their thirst for knowledge of computational mathematics and physics."--Brandon Milanovich, Mathematics Teacher


"While there is a plethora of computational physics books, only this one brings the sheer joy and fascination of the subject to the general reader. The problems in Number-Crunching are nicely selected, the prose is clear and humorous, and the solutions range from the interesting to the gloriously counterintuitive. With the ubiquity of powerful personal computers and the easy availability of scientific software, this is a very timely book."--Lawrence Weinstein, coauthor of Guesstimation

"Nahin's work is always highly interesting. His book tackles a large number of problems that can be handled by an adroit combination of pencil-and-paper work and, where the analytics get too difficult, numerical computation. This book is great and I really enjoyed it."--Charles Adler, St. Mary's College

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File created: 4/24/2017

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