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Carnivores of the World
Luke Hunter
Illustrated by Priscilla Barrett

Book Description


"Spectacular full-color illustrations by Barrett (Mammals of Europe), sometimes showing customary behaviors or including depictions of cubs, accompany each entry and beautifully clarify textual descriptions. . . . Currently the most up-to-date subject guide available."--Library Journal

"This title could easily be used as a standalone reference for specialists and academics in the fields of biology and conservation. General audiences and students will also enjoy it for its beautiful illustrations and accessible species accounts."--Charles Leck, American Reference Books Annual

"Biologist Hunter has produced a beautifully illustrated, concise guide to all 245 terrestrial carnivores."--Choice

"The book is packed with information about carnivores and is a worthy addition to anyone's bookshelf. Highly recommended!"--Timothy McDougald, Afarensis blog

"Whether its user is a scientist doing field research, a traveler studying wildlife in various lands, a biology teacher preparing a lesson, a student doing a project, or just a person interested in carnivores, this book is an outstanding resource. Going well beyond what most would expect in a field guide, it has a depth of information that one might expect to find only after examining numerous sources. Having it all in one concise, one-stop volume gives it a broad appeal."--Richard Lord, American Biology Teacher

"Most people know what a cheetah, wild dog, or puma looks like, but what about a Malay weasel, lesser grison, cacomistle, or Owston's civet? Look here for carefully drawn plates, drawings of skulls and tracks, and succinct, helpful species accounts."--Conservation Biology

"This is a book that belongs on the shelves of scientists, students, and naturalists as well as being something anyone interested in nature would enjoy paging through to learn about these highly adapted creatures."--Dan R. Kunkle, Wildlife Activist

"This book would make an essential reference book in all college and university libraries as well as a great book to be owned by individuals and used."--Divya Mudappa, Small Carnivore Conservation

"The promotional material claims this is the first field guide of its kind, and I can think of nothing else that comes close. All in all, a great buy for all levels of reader, and an inspiring starting point for young naturalists."--Christine Adkins, Discovery

"Some conservationists have been promoting 'mammal watching' as a means to help stimulate ecotourism in much the same way that birding has. Hunter's splendid Carnivores of the World just might help spark interest in 'twitching' this most charismatic group of species."--Michael Hoffmann, Quarterly Review of Biological Books

"This is truly an authoritative, well-researched and richly-illustrated book on the world's carnivores, and we commend the author Luke Hunter and the illustrator Priscilla Barrett for their work in compiling the material and presenting it so well in this outstanding book."--Paiso Jamakar, Biz India


"I don't know of a concise global summary of carnivores like this. The illustrations cover a wide range of forms from all over the world, including many that are rarely photographed or preserved in museums."--Roland W. Kays, coauthor of Mammals of North America

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File created: 4/24/2017

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