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American Religion:
Contemporary Trends
Mark Chaves

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"Chaves's book raises more questions than it answers. Maybe that should be expected from a descriptive piece: the variety of data selected and presented naturally begs interpretation. For this reason, I think that Chaves's volume would also make a useful foil with graduate students in social science."--Penny Long Marler, Social Forces


"An invaluable contribution to clarifying the facts about religious change in America."--Robert Putnam, coauthor of American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us

"American Religion promises to become the book of record for people interested in religious trends in American society. The U.S. Census does not include questions on religion. So while many other aspects of American economy and society get decennial descriptives, religion is left to advocates, activists, and scholars. Chaves fills the gap with numbers, and context enough for the general reader to digest."--Michael Hout, coauthor of Century of Difference: How America Changed in the Last One Hundred Years

"This book provides key facts so that those who wish to discuss or debate American religion can do so knowledgeably. It covers a rich amount of material, showing the many ways religion in the United States is remarkably unchanged over the past forty years, and the important ways it has changed. Mark Chaves is one of the very top scholars of American religion."--Michael O. Emerson, coauthor of People of the Dream: Multiracial Congregations in the United States

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File created: 4/24/2017

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