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Peasants under Siege:
The Collectivization of Romanian Agriculture, 1949-1962
Gail Kligman & Katherine Verdery

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"[T]hrough its treatment of pedagogies of persuasion, exploration of cadre identities and practices, systematic analysis of the class struggle campaign, and breadth of the data used, Peasants under Siege stands as an important contribution to the analysis of socialism and collectivization in Romania, as well as throughout the former east Europe."--David A. Kideckel, Slavic Review

"Scholars from a wide range of research areas and disciplines will cherish this book, but obviously those, who focus on Romania, the Balkans and communism will find it most valuable. Undoubtedly through the abundance of material gathered and analysed in the book, the interdisciplinary approach and the innovative methodology applied by Gail Gligman and Katherine Verdery make this work not only a powerful intellectual achievement, but indeed a landmark in the field of studies on communist regimes in Europe."--Rigels Halili, Anthropological Notebooks


"Peasants under Siege is the most nuanced and multifaceted analysis of this topic to date. It will become an instant classic in East European studies. Kligman and Verdery never take the easy way out or smooth over complexity. Their empirical account of Romanian collectivization offers unparalleled detail about the lived realities of village life in early state socialism. This book was a pleasure to read."--Lynne Haney, New York University

"This is the most comprehensive, theoretically sophisticated, and penetrating work on the collectivization of agriculture in Romania available in any language. The authors cover collectivization from every important angle and with much originality, and they provide a broad framework from which to judge the causes behind collectivization and the methods used to carry it out. I read this book with much profit and pleasure."--Keith Hitchins, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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File created: 4/24/2017

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