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Population-Based Survey Experiments
Diana C. Mutz

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


"Diana Mutz has written a marvelous introduction to population-based survey experiments. The book provides a masterful--and, witty!--consideration of the issues that differentiate these experiments from lab experiments, with all sorts of good pragmatic advice. She describes so many examples that I cannot imagine anyone reading it and not having at least one idea for a new experiment they might conduct themselves."--Jeremy Freese, Northwestern University

"A lucid discussion filled with accessible and wide-ranging examples. For political scientists, sociologists, and those in other allied fields, this book offers invaluable lessons from the cutting edge of social science."--Devah Pager, Princeton University

"With great clarity and insight--and dozens of fascinating examples--Mutz makes a compelling case for combining the strengths of large-scale surveys and tightly controlled experimental methods in tackling many of the most pressing issues in the social sciences. Students and professionals alike will find a wealth of practical advice in these pages about how and why to conduct population-based survey experiments."--Galen V. Bodenhausen, Northwestern University

"This accessible book is a valuable resource that explains concepts and applications equally well. It's both a practical primer for novice learners and a deep, definitive text for the new, rapidly expanding field of population-based experiments. Whether you skim for insights or dive into details, Mutz describes how what was once an impractical pipe dream is now a dream ripe for researchers to pluck for their next experiment."--Matthew Davis, University of Michigan

"The use of randomized experiments is the biggest change in the methodology of survey research in a generation. Mutz has been at the helm of this change. Time and again, Mutz dips into a treasure chest of exemplary experiments across the social sciences to illuminate issues of theory. All in all, this is the most intellectually engaging--and engagingly written--work I have read in years."--Paul Sniderman, Stanford University

"Diana Mutz has written an excellent first book-length treatment of this subject. Her writing style is informal--pleasantly so--and she is able to convey some relatively technical points in a clear manner that can be read by a wide audience. Population-Based Survey Experiments will be well received in the social sciences."--Rebecca B. Morton, New York University

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File created: 4/18/2014

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