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Cotingas and Manakins
Guy M. Kirwan & Graeme Green

Book Description


"[T]his volume will stand as the authoritative guide to this remarkable group of birds for years to come. It will appeal to tropical ornithologists and conservation biologists, as well as to globetrotting birders, who, after poring over the text and savoring the illustrations, will begin to daydream about their next trip to the New World tropics."--Mark Riegner, Quarterly Review of Biology

"What a treasure! . . . Failure to treat these amazing birds with the care they deserve might have turned me against the book. As it is, I was consistently delighted; the book should be a key reference for anyone interested in these two families. . . . This book will be a cherished resource. . . . I highly recommend it to anyone with a strong interest in Neotropical birds, and cannot imagine why anyone with more specialized interest in the manakins and cotingas could possibly fail to own it."--David B. Mcdonald, Wilson Journal of Ornithology

"These colorful tropical birds may be elusive, but they are elusive no more when birders open up Cotingas and Manakins. The definitive resource about these amazing species, this is a thorough, comprehensive and beautifully illustrated volume that deserves a place of honor in every birder's library."--Melissa Mayntz, Birding/Wild Birds


"Cotingas and Manakins is a major contribution to the literature on what is a most charismatic group of birds. The scholarship is exemplary and the plates by Eustace Barnes are nicely executed. The photographic coverage is superior, particularly given the difficulty of seeing--let alone photographing--many of the rarer species. The passion that Kirwan and Green have for these fascinating birds is evident on every page."--Kevin J. Zimmer, Victor Emanuel Nature Tours

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File created: 4/24/2017

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