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Irish Nationalists and the Making of the Irish Race
Bruce Nelson

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"This is a brilliant history of British imperial white racism and Irish resistance to it--and cooperation with it--in Ireland and the United States. From Frederick Douglass and Daniel O'Connell in the nineteenth century to Marcus Garvey and Liam Mellows in the twentieth, we are given here a pathbreaking account of a still unfinished struggle."--Seamus Deane, Keough Emeritus Professor of Irish Studies, University of Notre Dame

"This fine work of scholarship makes a valuable contribution to the literature on Irish nationalism and the history of nationalism generally. Nelson offers a cogent critique of those Irish nationalists who were so caught up in their own narrow nationalistic grievances that any sympathetic engagement with other reform movements was ruled out."--Cormac Ó Gráda, author of Famine: A Short History

"This fine and learned study is based on prodigious reading, presented in a compelling manner, and overall is a most impressive performance. I have immense admiration for it."--J. Joseph Lee, New York University

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File created: 4/18/2014

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