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Climbing the Charts:
What Radio Airplay Tells Us about the Diffusion of Innovation
Gabriel Rossman

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"We have a lot of books on how innovation happens, but too few on how successful innovations propagate. Climbing the Charts offers remarkable insight into just how complicated that process can be. This clear and succinct book challenges our easy understanding of the way these markets work, and ultimately enriches our mental model of what it means to bring something new into the world."--Megan McArdle, senior editor, Atlantic

"Climbing the Charts dispels many myths, both popular and academic, about how songs and other inventions reach widespread appeal. Rossman skillfully uses diffusion of innovations theory and original data to tell the story of how popular culture is produced. In so doing, he helps us all appreciate the importance of understanding how change occurs."--Thomas W. Valente, University of Southern California

"Pop radio has been written about in hundreds of books, mainly by musicologists or radio/music executives in their memoirs. Climbing the Charts adds a much-needed social scientific perspective on how the industry operates. Effectively disputing many pieces of conventional wisdom about the business, this fascinating and important book makes a substantial contribution to the work on innovation and diffusion, and the production of culture."--Jennifer C. Lena, author of Banding Together

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File created: 2/4/2015

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