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The Jewel Hunter
Chris Gooddie

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"Only two other birders have seen all the world's pittas, and neither of them had done so in a single year, but that's what Chris Gooddie set out to do.... The Jewel Hunter is the account of Chris Gooddie's search for these gems, and it's a gripping yarn. In his quest he stepped well off the beaten track. Indeed, to borrow Chris's writing style, he stepped right off the track, slid down the slope into the gully below, then crawled on his belly across the leech-infested forest floor to grab the beauties by the scruff of their beautifully patterned napes.... So, did Chris achieve his goal? I won't spoil the story's ending: it's a rollercoaster ride--and a great read."--Adrian Pitches, British Birds

"Stylistically informal, this book conjures up images so vivid it feels like you're riding pillion with Gooddie on his travels, from Uganda to the Solomon Islands, via Taiwan, Thailand and Timor.... [A] unique and readable story."--Steve Rutt,

"Each chapter of The Jewel Hunter reads like a mini-travel novel."--Donna Schulmann, 10,000 Birds

"The Jewel Hunter is a story any birder can relate to, whether or not you've ever done any sort of big year, or even if you have never heard of pittas. I knew very little about these birds before reading this book, and I had no idea what families the Bold-striped Tit-babbler or Jerdon's Baza belonged to, much less what they looked like. But it didn't matter; I still enjoyed reading about them. The Jewel Hunter belongs amongst the best big year/birding adventure books."--Grant McCreary, Birder's Library

"Self-deprecating, funny, and deadly accurate about [Gooddie's] obsession."--Stephen Bodio, Living Bird

"The Jewel Hunter is well written, includes humor, and makes for enjoyable reading."--FHB, Wildlife Activist

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File created: 4/24/2017

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