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The Best Writing on Mathematics 2012
Edited by Mircea Pitici
Foreword by David Mumford

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"This is indeed a collection of the most wonderful writings on mathematics that have appeared recently. Not elementary at all and yet accessible to a general audience. Of course this is just the top of a gigantic iceberg, a top that has been selected on the basis of space and copyright limitations."--A. Bultheel, European Mathematical Society

"[B]e sure to take a look at the book; odds are good that you'll find something in it that strikes your fancy. As somebody who enjoys expository articles but generally doesn't have the time to track them down and read them, finding a hand-picked collection like this assembled in one place was a delight."--Mark Hunacek, MAA Reviews

"Long ago it was possible for physics and mathematics (both applied and pure) to coexist in one person's mind, where developments in all three could occur. Archimedes calculated the volume of a sphere and created the lever. Newton did calculus and studied gravity. With the growth of these fields, however, it is no longer possible to deeply study them all. This is why, even with expositions for the layperson, writings like this are so important."--Edward Charles Keppelmann, Mathematical Reviews Clippings

"It is clear from this, and from many other essays in this book, that mathematical creativity is still alive and well."--Gerry Leversham, Mathematical Gazette

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File created: 4/24/2017

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