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The White Planet:
The Evolution and Future of Our Frozen World
Jean Jouzel, Claude Lorius & Dominique Raynaud

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"This book is a factual, chronological narrative of Earth's cryosphere, covering the critical role that the ice-covered parts of our planet play in recording climate and how ice records reveal changes in Earth's climate over the last 800,000 years. French authors Jouzel, Lorius, and Raynaud are world leaders in ice-core climate research and have been instrumental in collecting and interpreting these important records."--Choice

"[T]he book does provide a valuable look at the science, history . . . and politics of ice-core drilling and glacial-archive analysis. It will be of immense interest to those already involved in cryospheric science even if it is less successful in its stated mission of bringing a message to the general public."--Liz Kalaugher, Physics World

"Their collective work is a pleasure to read. Well organised, and written in a way that is both precise and personal, it captures clearly what we know about how all the ice on the planet contributes to the functioning of the global climate system, and demonstrates its evolution."--Valerie Masson-Delmotte, Antarctic Science

"The strength of the book consists in enabling the reader to understand the stakes and implications of polar research without the need for scientific proficiency. . . . The white planet makes a very convincing and solidly illustrated case of the crucial importance of polar research to enable our society to navigate through the anthropocene."--Sebastien Duyck, Polar Record


"The White Planet is an appealing tour of the role of ice in the Earth system, the history of ice studies, the great discoveries from ice cores (many of them made by the authors themselves), and some important implications of these breakthroughs for energy use, climate change, and our future. The authors are giants in the field, and they conclude with an often firsthand account of the international response to the science, along with their recommendations for wise ways forward."--Richard B. Alley, author of The Two-Mile Time Machine

"The White Planet is a fascinating account of ice and climate change--and why we should be concerned for the future of life on Earth. The authors are world leaders in the study of the cryosphere, and the science in this book is very strong and thorough."--Jo Jacka, chief editor of the Journal of Glaciology

"In this engaging book, three pioneers of ice-core science weave together the history of Earth's ice and the history of its scientific study, showing how the past of the planet warns us about its future."--Eric Wolff, British Antarctic Survey and University of Southampton

"The White Planet is a fantastic read about an amazing scientific, technological, and human adventure. The book takes us to the center of one of the remotest places on Earth, Vostok Station, Antarctica, where the authors unveiled an astonishing chapter in climate history from layers of ice. Internationally recognized for their achievements in ice core science, the authors are true pioneers, and their words carry a unique wisdom. Everyone interested in climate science should read this book."--Eric Rignot, University of California, Irvine

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File created: 4/24/2017

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