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War in Social Thought:
Hobbes to the Present
Hans Joas & Wolfgang Knöbl

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"Joas and Knöbl place modern sociological theory in the distinctive perspective of war and peace, actual conflicts and struggles to end armed strife. This encourages readers to see familiar themes in new light as well as to pay attention to often-neglected dimensions of classical sociological theory. Not least, they help to situate theories that are often considered ahistorically in the abstract as part of the effort to understand war and peace in particular historical contexts."--Craig Calhoun, director of the London School of Economics and Political Science

"Viewed in its social context, war embraces every dimension of human life, yet the subject of war is almost wholly missing from social thought. This book is a very valuable corrective to this situation and well worth reading."--Edward Luttwak, Center for Strategic and International Studies

"There has been a tendency in social thought to stay clear of the issues of war despite its importance in shaping the modern age. But, as this important and erudite study shows, war keeps on intruding. By demonstrating how much theorists have struggled with the problems of war, Joas and Knöbl illuminate vital aspects of social theory--and of war itself."--Lawrence Freedman, King's College London

"This book, written by two eminent social theorists, has no parallel. Hans Joas and Wolfgang Knöbl tackle a fundamental problem in historical and contemporary social theory: the conceptualization of war as a fundamental phenomenon in social life. At the same time, they provide a comprehensive review of thinking about war in modern social theory since Hobbes. This book presents an impressive panorama of its subject."--Dieter Senghaas, University of Bremen

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File created: 4/18/2014

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