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Heavenly Mathematics:
The Forgotten Art of Spherical Trigonometry
Glen Van Brummelen

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"Heavenly Mathematics proves the value of bringing a fascinating piece of mathematical history within the grasp of the general reader."--Florin Diacu, Literary Review of Canada

"Van Brummelen has written a wonderful introduction . . . that draws on the history of [spherical trigonometry] to illuminate the mathematics itself and at the same time gives readers a real sense of what research in the history of early mathematics is all about."--Metascience

"[Heavenly Mathematics] is an excellent survey of spherical trigonometry. . . . Simply an appreciation of a beautiful lost subject, with historical overtones. . . . [D]istinguishable for its appealingly fresh style."--Mathematical Reviews

"[Heavenly Mathematics] is a lovely book to read. . . . [A] wonderful introduction for anyone who wishes to learn more about this subject. . . . I am in full agreement with the author that spherical trigonometry ought to be brought to a wider audience, and I believe that this is the book to do it."--Mathematics Today

"Engaging, clear and not overly technical; you can safely lend this book to your friends in the history department. . . . [Heavenly Mathematics] is excellent."--Zentralblatt MATH

"Heavenly Mathematics will be of interest to mathematically inclined historians of science and also to students of mathematics and engineering. Because spherical trigonometry is relevant in applications of modern science, this elegant book may even contribute to a renaissance of the subject."--Jan P. Hogendijk, Isis

"This book could serve as an excellent textbook for any secondary school mathematics classroom at or above the level of geometry and certainly trigonometry; as the basis for a high school honors class; or as a textbook and seminar topic for college students."--Teresa Floyd, Mathematics Teacher

"Any reader of this book (and there should be many) will see how present day mathematics may be viewed through the kaleidoscope of its historical origins. . . . Glen Van Brummelen has written a beautifully produced book that includes fascinating biographical detail at every stage of his narrative."--P.N. Ruane, Mathematical Gazette

"An engaging read that will appeal to historians of science, mathematicians, trigonometry teachers, and anyone interested in the history of mathematics."--Elizabeth Hamm, Aestimatio Critical Reviews in the History of Science


"Heavenly Mathematicsis heavenly, is mathematics, and is so much more: history, astronomy, geography, and navigation, replete with historical illustrations, elegant diagrams, and charming anecdotes. I haven't followed mathematical proofs with such delight in decades. If, as the author laments, spherical trigonometry was in danger of extinction, this book will give it a long-lasting reprieve."--David J. Helfand, president of the American Astronomical Society

"This beautifully written book on an unusual topic, with its wealth of historical information about astronomy, navigation, and mathematics, is greatly to be welcomed."--Robin Wilson, president of the British Society for the History of Mathematics, author of Four Colors Suffice: How the Map Problem Was Solved

"Written by the leading expert on the subject, this engaging book provides an in-depth historical introduction to spherical trigonometry. Heavenly Mathematics breathes new and interesting life into a topic that has been slumbering for far too long."--June Barrow-Green, associate editor of The Princeton Companion to Mathematics

"Heavenly Mathematics is a very good book. It offers an interesting, accessible, and entertaining introduction to spherical trigonometry, which used to be a standard school topic but is now rarely studied. Interesting stories, engaging illustrations, and practical examples come together to enhance the reader's pleasure and understanding."--Fernando Q. Gouvêa, Colby College

"Van Brummelen provides not only a wonderful historical treatment of spherical trigonometry but also a modern one that shows how the ancient and medieval methods were replaced by newer and simpler means of problem solving. Many students will find this a fascinating and worthwhile subject."--Victor J. Katz, editor of The Mathematics of Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India, and Islam

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File created: 5/2/2017

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