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Awakening Giants, Feet of Clay:
Assessing the Economic Rise of China and India
Pranab Bardhan
With a new afterword by the author

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"There is abundant literature on the comparative development of India and China, but most of it explains the difference in their growth rates on the macro level on ideological grounds: slower growth rate in democratic India versus faster development in authoritarian China. In this well-written and properly documented study, Bardhan examines growth in different sectors of the economies, particularly agriculture, industry, trade, infrastructure, savings, and investment rates. . . . This volume is an important reference for advanced students and researchers interested in the economic growth of these two Asian giants."--Choice

"Bardhan's book is a good place to understand the political economy of constraints the two economies are likely to face as they march ahead."--Siddharth Singh, Mint

"The author of this small volume is to be commended for packing so much useful information and analysis into such a short space."--Dwight H. Perkins, Developing Economies

"I welcome Bardhan's study as a splendid advance in the underdeveloped field of serious, detailed, analytical comparison of India and China. . . . This is a book that I will recommend to nonspecialist friends and happily assign to my undergraduates."--Thomas G. Rawski, Economic Development and Cultural Change

"Awakening Giants presents the author's perspective on the rise of India and China. It does it succinctly and in lively and engaging style. Bardhan's perspective is not one that everyone will share, but that is itself a compelling reason for recommending the book."--James Riedel, Perspectives on Politics

"Bardhan's exceptional work on India and China will be essential reading for graduate students and scholars who are interested in the political economy of India and China."--Alfred M. Wu, Journal of Chinese Political Science


"Pranab Bardhan is one of our most sophisticated thinkers on economic development. His skills are on display in this enormously insightful book. I cannot think of a better comparative guide to the rise of China and India."--Dani Rodrik, Harvard University

"Bardhan's book is erudite, informative, and accessible, and his scrutiny of the conventional wisdom about the past quarter century of reform in China and India is always provocative. You do not have to agree with him to be stimulated and rewarded by his insightful scholarship. This book deserves a wide audience."--Tarun Khanna, author of Billions of Entrepreneurs: How China and India Are Reshaping Their Futures, and Yours

"This book is an important reference for anyone interested in growth and poverty alleviation in China and India. It makes eye-opening comparisons and offers acute insights across such wide-ranging topics as poverty and inequality, labor and anticompetitive regulations, industrial concentration in India compared to other countries, electricity in Indian agriculture, Chinese financing of roads, and Indian and Chinese business-state relations."--Philip Keefer, World Bank

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File created: 4/24/2017

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