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The End of the West:
The Once and Future Europe
David Marquand
With a new preface by the author

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"This is a text with compelling questions, not one with definite solutions. What makes it fascinating is the forthright and dispassionate examinations of crucial problems. As Europe faces, in the months and years ahead, the formidable tribulations generated by the global downturn, it is the wider issues delineated in Marquand's The End of the West that should be probed, examined and argued with."--Donald Sassoon, Political Quarterly

"This brief but trenchant contribution to the vast literature on the European Union stands out through the author's imaginative way of setting the EU's current dilemmas and tribulations firmly in the context of Europe's cultural and historical heritage as a whole. He offers specific solutions only to some of today's huge problems, but in general he indicates most constructively the lines on which solutions should be sought."--Roger Morgan, Times Higher Education

"In this well-written book, Marquand poses several challenges to the leaders of the EU. Realizing that a much weaker European power faces rising major powers in the East, mainly China and India, Marquand encourages European peoples and politicians to critically analyze and come to terms with the major issues that confront them, including Islamophobia, immigration, the resurrection of the old ethnicities, and, above all, their ethnocentrism."--Choice

"Marquand draws on [his] experiences and offers a strong vision of Europe and its problems."--Floris Meens, European Legacy


"Positive criticism is always the best criticism. David Marquand's compact but impressively broad-ranging analysis is built on a lifetime of pro-European advocacy. Yet his book displays many deep concerns about the flaws and failings of today's European Union as it ambles complacently toward an uncertain future. Essential reading for all who wish Europe well."--Norman Davies, St. Antony's College, University of Oxford

"David Marquand's brilliant, compact book is essential reading for everyone interested in the strategic outlook for Europe in the emerging new constellation of global powers. And I mean 'everyone'--students, scholars, journalists, business leaders, politicians, and civil servants, in the lands of the old West and new East. With erudition and a light, readable touch, this remarkable book ranges across vast historical and contemporary political horizons."--Michael Emerson, Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)

"This exceptionally readable book combines wide, practical political experience with intellectual breadth, and does an excellent job of drawing together the big historical themes that surround the birth, development, and travails of the European Union. Marquand succeeds admirably in showing where Europe might be headed."--David Runciman, author of Political Hypocrisy: The Mask of Power, from Hobbes to Orwell and Beyond

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File created: 4/24/2017

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