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Mozart's Grace
Scott Burnham

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"No one hears with more joy than Scott Burnham, and we are all the richer for it. Any performer will find here inspiration for focusing awareness on the particulars of Mozart's language. The elements of his music are poetically teased apart in order that we may be granted space to listen and feel more deeply. Burnham offers us a primer on how to open oneself to music, develop the sensitivity to be vulnerable to its specific intimacies and charms, and, in so doing, experience the profound pleasure of connection with Mozart's works."--Mark Steinberg, Brentano String Quartet

"Concentrating on music's effects, this distinctive and original book focuses on the most important elements of Mozart's music. Moving beyond conventional analysis and using the figurative powers of language with skill and imagination, Burnham's personal and carefully conceived book will be read and valued by lovers of Mozart's art."--Karol Berger, author of Bach's Cycle, Mozart's Arrow: An Essay on the Origins of Musical Modernity

"This virtuosic and deeply touching book distills a lifetime of listening to Mozart into a powerful work of appreciation. Writing from an unapologetically personal point of view, Burnham examines certain passages in detail to describe how a particularly Mozartean beauty comes about. This book is a real gift."--Mary Hunter, Bowdoin College

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File created: 9/9/2014

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