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From Neighborhoods to Nations:
The Economics of Social Interactions
Yannis M. Ioannides

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"Ioannides has accomplished a remarkable survey and synthesis of the scattered literature on urbanization as a response to nonmarket factors. He starts with an overview of the theory and econometrics of social interactions. Then, the book surveys the large and diverse studies on the economic and social interactions within and among cities. The studies are given unity by reference to the basic theory of social interactions, always including the market implications. This is an important synthesis of material to which the author has been a major contributor."--Kenneth J. Arrow, Stanford University, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences

"From Neighborhoods to Nations studies how interactions between individuals are formed, sustained, enhanced, or hindered by their context. Importantly, it analyzes how these interactions aggregate up from families, to social groups, neighborhoods, cities, nations, and, ultimately, the global economy. Organized by a clear and useful overarching view, this book ambitiously brings together a wealth of theoretical and empirical knowledge from the last two decades in a unified and consistent way."--Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Princeton University

"A comprehensive and rigorous overview of the growing literature on social interactions, this impressive book blends formal theory with empirical work. Ioannides considers what exactly is a social interaction, how we measure it, and the causes and consequences of such interactions among households and firms. Rare is the economist who can approach such a broad topic from microeconomic and macroeconomic perspectives."--Matthew E. Kahn, University of California, Los Angeles

"From Neighborhoods to Nations brings urban economics and social interactions into a unified framework, and derives theoretical and empirical conclusions about cities and regions. Presenting a consistent and systematic approach to urban social economics, this book has no equivalent."--Yves Zenou, Stockholm University

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File created: 4/18/2014

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