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Public Capital, Growth and Welfare:
Analytical Foundations for Public Policy
Pierre-Richard Agénor

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"As the developed world stands on the precipice of another deep recession, this book reminds us all that infrastructure investment is a powerful growth accelerator for the poorest nations on earth. Pierre-Richard Agénor lays solid foundations for intelligent public debates about development policy in a book that weaves together empirical evidence, economic intuition, and rigorous theory. The outcome is an ideal reference for those who study, teach, and work in the fields of economic growth, development, and poverty alleviation."--Costas Azariadis, Washington University in St. Louis

"Infrastructure is increasingly becoming recognized as an important determinant of economic growth and economic welfare. Drawing in part on his past research, Pierre-Richard Agénor has provided a comprehensive treatment, emphasizing the widespread externalities permeating from infrastructure throughout the economy. This clearly written book is an important contribution and essential reading for anyone wishing to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge of this crucial area."--Stephen J. Turnovsky, University of Washington

"Dwelling on years of research and a wealth of evidence, this new book is a masterful combination of theory, facts, and intuition. It provides a clear, rigorous, and unified perspective on the role of infrastructure in growth and development. That investing in infrastructure may be not only about promoting markets and reducing production costs, but also about achieving health and education outcomes, empowering women, and fostering innovation, is a message that development practitioners and multilateral institutions would do well to heed."--Otaviano Canuto, vice president, World Bank

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File created: 10/15/2014

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