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Human Capitalism:
How Economic Growth Has Made Us Smarter--and More Unequal
Brink Lindsey

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"Brink argues that there's plenty of potential for growth at the top of the economy, as reflected in the growing college wage premium. The problem is that even as the financial rewards to education continue to grow, the fraction of the population graduating from college has stagnated. . . . [I]nteresting."--Timothy B. Lee,


"Human Capitalism is a compelling and important account of how and why people are being left behind in an increasingly complex economy. This is a 'big think' book that is both deeper and broader than the usual polemical arguments about inequality. Regardless of which side of the political divide you sit on, Lindsey will likely stimulate and infuriate you in equal measure."--Tyler Cowen, author of The Great Stagnation

"Rising income inequality is an issue society can no longer afford to ignore. This book deepens our understanding of the forces behind the problem and is bound to stimulate useful discussion of it."--Robert H. Frank, author of The Darwin Economy

"Providing an evenhanded approach to the heated issues surrounding human capital, this is a very strong and unusually well-written book that is also remarkable for squeezing so much into so few pages and making a wide range of scholarship accessible to general readers."--Steven Teles, Johns Hopkins University

"America's economic future isn't really about the top tax rate or entitlement spending. Rather, it is about our skills, our character, and our ability to form relationships that can help us navigate a more complex and chaotic world. That is the central insight of Brink Lindsey's Human Capitalism, which in a few short pages upends conventional understandings of how culture and economics intertwine--and what we should do about it."--Reihan Salam, co-author of Grand New Party

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File created: 4/24/2017

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