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The Milky Way:
An Insider’s Guide
William H. Waller

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"Waller's book provides an excellent starting point, telling the story of the formation and evolution of the Milky Way, and how this hard-won knowledge was obtained--and it does so in an entertaining and not overly detailed fashion. It should be among the first recommendations to new students of the field, as well as to citizen scientists who wish to deepen their understanding of one of the fundamental, as well as fast-advancing, areas of modern astronomy."--Timothy C. Beers, Nature Physics

"This clearly written, largely nontechnical book balances the poetic interpretation of the starry realm with the modern scientific nature of the Milky Way galaxy. . . . The book can be used as a textbook or be a good general read."--Choice

"[W]aller's goal--fully achieved, in my opinion--is to familiarize readers with the history of the discovery of the Milky Way Galaxy's size, shape, and contents and our place in it. Attention is given to the origin of stars in general and to the nature of specific types of stars and how our galaxy came to be in the first place."--Terence Dickinson, SkyNews

"This book is superb: written in an engaging, even folksy, style, it would be the perfect primer for a beginning undergraduate wanting an up-to-date overview of stellar and galactic astronomy."--David Stickland, Journal of Continuity and Change


"Clearly written, splendidly up-to-date, and full of delightful analogies, this book is the natural heir to Bok's The Milky Way. It explores and explains our Galaxy in a way accessible to all readers and will excite anyone who craves an adventure of the mind and imagination."--Andrew Fraknoi, professor of astronomy, Foothill College

"The Milky Way takes readers on a nontechnical journey through our Galaxy, and strikes a nice balance between the personal, the poetic, and the educational--it also moves at a good pace. Waller communicates the true wonder of nature, but he is also quite thorough and deep in his coverage of the latest science."--Mark Whittle, University of Virginia

"Waller presents a careful overview of the structure of the Milky Way Galaxy, with informative asides into the history of astronomy, galaxy formation and evolution, and more recent observations. There is much of value here."--Gerry Gilmore, University of Cambridge

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File created: 7/5/2017

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