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On the Muslim Question
Anne Norton

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"Anne Norton . . . has written an incisive volume analyzing a question at the heart of a number of contemporary vexing domestic and foreign policy issues. She brings to the task an impressive command of the subject matter as well as exceptional insight and judgment as a political theorist."--Mujeeb Khan, H-Net Reviews

"[T]he book is an insightful analysis of the way Islam and Muslims figure in contemporary discourses, and it should be read by students and scholars interested in representations of Islam and Muslims. I recommend it."--Lasse Thomassen, Political Studies Review and Political Theory


"This is an extraordinary book--an impassioned, astute, and erudite critique that strongly refutes the 'clash of civilizations' rhetoric and the stereotypes shaping contemporary discussions of Muslims in the West. It further proposes a concrete alternative vision of democracy in diverse societies. The argument is original and sophisticated and the writing is beautiful--graceful, assertive, and clear. I think this book will achieve instant status as a classic of our time."--Joan W. Scott, Institute for Advanced Study

"This is a crisp and bracing snapshot of the ways in which the so-called Muslim problem serves as a repository for a host of Euro-American anxieties, fears, and doubts rather than as an accurate reflection of Islam or the behavior of actual Muslims. One of the great strengths of the book is how it joins a wonderfully eclectic journey through politics, film, scholarship, clothing, fiction, and language with an attention to the different ways the United States and Europe formulate and respond to 'the Muslim problem."--Roxanne Euben, Wellesley College

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File created: 2/4/2015

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