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The Unpredictable Species:
What Makes Humans Unique
Philip Lieberman

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"Lieberman creates an imminently readable text that is perfect for both general audiences and more established circles. This book should be considered as an excellent introduction for anyone who wants to delve into mysteries of the evolution of our unique brain."--Kate MacCord, Quarterly Review of Biology

"Lieberman's The Unpredictable Species . . . takes a fresh, insightful, sometimes resolutely critical, and fascinating stance toward the theme of the human uniqueness. The book is also rich in anecdotal accounts and examples that render its messages accessible also to the non-specialist, even though the course of the argumentation is not always linear."--Ivan Colagè, ESSSAT News & Reviews

"The study Lieberman has written is also aptly unique as signaled by the unusual orthography of its title: we are the unpredictable species! In providing a sophisticated analysis of the relationship between evolutionary biology and (what he calls) evolutionary culture, his study is unique in that it meets the most exacting academic standards, yet is delightfully accessible to the lay reader who has a passionate interest in thinking through the relationship between biology (science) and culture (archeology, history, morality, art, i.e., human civilization)."-- Brayton Polka, European Legacy


"In this wonderfully readable book, Lieberman argues that evolution has equipped humans with the most marvelous gift in the animal kingdom--the freedom to be unpredictable. The Unpredictable Species is educational, entertaining, challenging, aggravating, and convincing all at the same time. Anyone interested in the nature of Homo sapiens should own this book."--Daniel L. Everett, author of Language: The Cultural Tool

"Lieberman's new tour de force will enrage many and enlighten more. It makes lively reading for anyone who has ever wondered how the unprecedented and idiosyncratic human brain works, how it may have got that way, and where language may fit into the complex emerging picture of human evolution."--Ian Tattersall, author of Masters of the Planet: The Search for Our Human Origins

"Engagingly written. Drawing on a wealth of evidence, Lieberman defends an uncompromising twenty-first century Darwinism and dispels persistent myths about the way genes shape human nature. His novel insights and powerful arguments against pseudoscientific theories proposing genetically fixed domain-specific cognitive modules make this a must-read for anyone interested in human evolution."--Christina Behme, Dalhousie University

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File created: 4/24/2017

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