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Why Philanthropy Matters:
How the Wealthy Give, and What It Means for Our Economic Well-Being
Zoltan J. Acs

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"Acs' major achievement here is to understand philanthropy's oft-neglected and uniquely American role in economic growth."--Evan Sparks, Philanthropy Magazine

"[E]asily the best work on the subject I have read."--Luke Johnson, Financial Times

"The book is fast paced and highly readable."--Kathi Coon Badertscher, Enterprise & Society

"Acs offers a well-written, well-researched account of the evolution of American capitalism."--Choice

"Why Philanthropy Matters is a useful book, appropriate to academics and an informed general readership as well as in undergraduate and graduate seminar-style classrooms (I myself am requiring it in a masters-level seminar this semester). . . . [I]t raises timely issues about the American economy, in particular the nexus of capitalism and philanthropy in America."--Gordon E. Shockley, Independent Review


"This marvelous and insightful book provides, to my knowledge, the first link between the philanthropist and economic performance. Exceptionally original and a pleasure to read, it will induce many scholars and policymakers to reconsider the way they think about the economy and the important role played by philanthropy."--David B. Audretsch, Indiana University

"Why Philanthropy Matters argues that philanthropy is the institutional element that enables the creation of great wealth and the recycling of that wealth across generations. With timely and well-grounded arguments, this breakthrough book offers a new vision of philanthropy's place in American economic thought."--Roger R. Stough, George Mason University

"This thought-provoking book provides a deeper understanding of how the market-based capitalist system works and how it has helped to increase societal prosperity. Acs puts the role of the philanthropist in historical and institutional context, and his insights will be of considerable interest to a broad audience."--Pontus Braunerhjelm, Royal Institute of Technology

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File created: 4/24/2017

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