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Natural History, Evolution, Anatomy
Mark P. Witton

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


"Pterosaurs would make an excellent addition to any reference collection and especially that of an advanced (adult or young adult) lay-reader."--Greg Leitich Smith, GSL Blog

"I can tell you that it is not only a fascinating bit of text, its illustrations will leave you gaping in awestruck amazement."--John E. Riutta, Well-read Naturalist

"[Witton] combines his deep knowledge of the subject as a palaeontologist at the University of Portsmouth (U.K.) with his skills as an artist, and he has a flair for informal but accurate writing. His 292-page book is the most comprehensive and authoritative book to come along since Peter Wellnhofer's classic Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pterosaurs back in 1991."--James Gurney, artist and author of the Dinotopia book series

"The joy of Pterosaurs is how it brings long extinct animals to life."--Jeff Hecht, New Scientist

"Learn all about flying reptiles in this artfully illustrated overview of pterosaur research."--Science News

"Highly recommended."

"Once dragons flew through Mesozoic skies! They were pterosaurs, and Witton offers a rich and extensive account of what science knows about these extinct creatures. . . . For those who want an introduction to flying reptiles or the craft of scientific research, this title is a great choice."--Eileen H. Kramer, Library Journal

"Beautifully laid out, clearly written, loaded with handsome illustrations, Witton's book invites you to dip in for delicious tidbits or hunker down for the equivalent of a superb lecture series."--Wilson's Bookmarks, Christianity Today

"This is a book of impeccable scholarship, but it is also very readable for the non-scholar and amateur pterosaurophile. . . . A wonderful book!"--Rabbi Dr Charles H Middleburgh, Middleburgh Blog

"Though the writing style clearly targets the book to nonexperts, it does not dilute its realized value for professional paleontologists or teachers of paleontology. This is a very skillful presentation: a brief introductory paragraph or two leads quickly into an advanced discussion. The illustrations are excellent, including nice reconstructions by the author and very high-quality photographic reproductions of original key fossils. Overall, this is a very well-done book that belongs in any library with a vertebrate paleontology collection."--Choice

"Although the text is mostly technical, directed at an informed audience, it is written with a humorous slant. Everyone will get something out of reading this book. . . . This is a fantastic book!"--Randy Lauff, Canadian Field Naturalist

"Witton's Pterosaurs is a remarkable visual feast, packed full of novel art as well as excellent photographs that the author clearly worked hard to obtain. There are, in fact, illustrations of some sort on virtually every single page--you will never get bored of looking at this book. . . . If you like or are even vaguely interested in pterosaurs, you really need this book."--Darren Naish, Historical Biology


"This book is both academically interesting and truly fun to read. That is a difficult balance to reach, but Witton does an excellent job of it by using a lighthearted, informal writing style in combination with a well-referenced, serious scientific review. An invaluable reference."--Michael Habib, University of Southern California

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File created: 4/24/2017

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